• Filip Boksa

When Should I Hire A Marketing Company?

The right marketing company can have a significant impact on your business. However, not everyone can afford a marketing company. If you're starting a business and your budget is tight, it's an extremely terrible idea to invest money in a marketing company.

Throughout the years, I worked with several different marketing companies and trust me; the results you want can be achieved on your own. Marketing firms are for those who can afford them because they save you time. Any creative person can do a little research and put together a campaign.

If you have a tight budget try a consultant

Consultants can be of great value at any size. If you're new to the business world, paying someone for guidance can be of great importance. A good consultant will be with you every step of the way. They will show you where you should invest your money, and they will be a phone call away whenever questions arise.

Again, this is not necessary if you're a person that has time and patience. By doing research, observing other companies, and performing tests slowly, you'll figure it out. However, if it's been months and you feel stuck, I would suggest looking into a professional consultant.

Some have asked if I do any marketing or consulting, and the answer is no, I do not offer those as services. Your best bet is to comment on one of my tweets, and I may provide some free insight or check out my YouTube channel for free.