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About Filip Boksa

Filip Boksa started King of Maids at 19 with his best friend from high school. Their combined investment was $6,000, and they quickly scaled that business to over $5,000,000 by the time he was 22.


Later, Boksa Co-founded BookingKoala with the developer who built out the software for King of Maids. He figured out that there was a massive demand for the software that was powering the growth of King of Maids, so he decided to turn that into its own business. Today BookingKoala is home to thousands of entrepreneurs, and Boksas's primary focus is to turn the SaaS into a unicorn without taking outside capital.


In the meantime, Boksa also focuses on inspiring others by storytelling on his Twitter and educating entrepreneurs via blog posts and YouTube channel.

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Questions About Filip Boksa

How old is Filip Boksa?

Filip Boksa was born March 17, 1993.

Where is Filip Boksa from?

Filip Boksa was born in Poland, grew up in Chicago, IL.

What does Filip Boksa currently do?

Filip Boksa is currently CEO and Co-founder of BookingKoala.

What nationality is Filip Boksa?

Filip Boksa is Polish.

Did Filip Boksa go to College?

Filip Boksa attended Oakton Community College and completed only one year before he dropped out to focus his efforts on his business.

How did Filip Boksa get started?

Filip Boksa started a home cleaning service in Chicago, IL with his best friend from high school at the age of 19.

Does Filip Boksa do any consulting?

Filip Boksa does not offer any consulting or marketing services. Boksa does, however, have a YouTube channel and a blog where he shares free information. Check out these blog posts if you need help getting started:

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