• Filip Boksa

Get Yourself A Cleaning Business Without Doing A Single Cleaning Training

I created a 40-minute training video full of great and free information on starting your cleaning business from $0.

In this video training, you will learn how I grew a cleaning business to $10,000,000+ without ever doing a single cleaning myself.

1. How I started with only $6,000 when I was 19 and automated it to work only ~100 hours a year on the business

2. How I outsource 100% of the cleanings plus how I find the jobs for the cleaners and by doing it all from home

3. How I manage to keep building wealth and how you can replicate the same processes for yourself

I hope you enjoy the training and it helps you get started.

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Plus you will gain access to my Cleaning Course for free included in the bundle.

If you're not interested in growing a cleaning or service type business but need help growing a different type business you can check out my: Building a 7+ figure business course.