• Filip Boksa

Why You Should Get A Partner When You Start

I'm the only child, and being by myself is nothing new. I moved many different times, and I had to make new friends wherever I went. By the time I hit high school, I've gone through 5-6 different schools. Although I'm used to spending time alone, there's nothing like being around someone that brings a lot of joy to your day. If you're lucky enough to share the same values, goals, and beliefs, getting a partner to start a business with you is a significant plus.

Why is it important?

  • Two heads are better than one

  • Going through hard times with someone is a lot easier on you than going through those times alone

  • Also taking a first significant step like starting a business in most cases is easier to do it with someone else

  • It makes it more fun

  • Less of an investment when you start

What's the downside?

  • You have to share your company (it may look like a downside; however, it's not, and I will explain why later)

  • It's hard to find the right partner (the only real downside I can think of)

When you start your first business, especially at a young age and on a low budget, it's crucial to prepare yourself for success. Your goal shouldn't be to make a lot of money or be worried that your partner will take 50% of the business. You should focus on succeeding because your first successful business will change your whole perspective on life and what is possible. After you succeed, you have your entire life ahead of you; however, this time, your mindset will be different.

If you fail, you'll most likely give up and say that business is not for you. You will then share your experience and prevent others from starting. I see this behavior happen every single day, and it hurts to watch because it puts fear into others who in fact, want to start a business. To prevent this cycle from happening, it's essential to succeed in business, and by finding a partner, it increases the chances.

How to find the right partner?

I will share some tips that I found to be hugely successful when looking for a partner throughout my career:

  • You have to have a bond with them (you guys hang out or talk all the time without ever arguing)

  • Your goals have to align with one another (you want to own a big business)

  • Your values have to align with one another (you both are loyal)

  • You must find at least one thing where they succeeded in that impressed you (not necessarily in business) (they worked and saved up money during highschool while everyone partied)

  • Find something that they are currently doing on their own where you see consistency in (waking up at 5:30 am to go to the gym)

Although by following these tips, you may still end up in a bad partnership, your chances of finding the right individual will increase.