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When We Hired Our First Employee

It took us about 12-15 months to hire 2 people which we hired simultaneously.

Before we hired them, we found a small office that ran us about $800/month.

By the time we hired them we had enough money to pay for 2 employees, an office, marketing and still have profits left over.

We actually waited a bit too long to hire someone.

The business was growing so fast that it was hard to train new employees and deal with customers at the same time.

Even though it was challenging we finished the training phase and had our selves 2 people to help us out.

We went from doing everything to having a lot of free time.

At this point, everything changed for us.

We were making money and we were working on tasks at our own convenience.

No more customer service or tasks that drained us.

It was all growth from then on and new revenue streams.

I didn't know it then but today I know how important that moment was.

At that moment we reached financial freedom.

We automated most of our business and got to the point where we could make money while focusing on growing our future.

So what did we do?

We kept pushing.

We kept growing King of Maids.

We opened up more cities and started to expand.

Not only that but we started other businesses as well.

It was all fun at this point and we enjoyed business.

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