• Filip Boksa

What I Learned From Growing My First Business

When I first started when I was 19, I had no idea that things could happen so fast in the world of business. From a $6,000 investment to over $5,000,000 without:

  • experience

  • degrees

  • rich parents

  • connections

All while going to college and working for my dad full-time. Think for a second how fast things can happen. On top of that, we did that by growing a cleaning service out of all businesses. Something I was not passionate about at all but I was motivated to win and I didn't care where we started as long as it happened. After some success, I knew what's possible and it became addicting to me. Each time I started a new business, I knew that if you figure out the business model and a marketing strategy for it you can make some serious growth within a 12 month period. And that 12 month period can change your life.

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