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What I Did While BookingKoala Was Being Built

While BookingKoala was being built I had over a year to work on other things.

During that time I was focused on building a marketing team and grow the other companies that I was involved in.

Turned out that a lot of people quit on me because business was too hard.

During this stage, I realized not to invest in business ideas but to invest in people which became a huge lesson learned going forward.

One person did however stick with me and he got rewarded.

We had a discussion and I told him that BookingKoala will be a lot bigger than whatever we were growing.

It made more sense to quit the project we were doing together and have him join BookingKoala.

I told him that since he never quit on me he will get stake in the company.

At that point, it was smarter to use all my resources and put them towards growing BookingKoala.

It increased the chances of it succeeding which meant it increased the chances of us succeeding.

He agreed and came on board.

After that, it was all BookingKoala and we started to learn the industry while the software was being built.

Eventually, we started a pre-launch campaign so that we can have sign-ups right after we launched.

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