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What Happened During That 6 Months

The first six months were all over the place.

We were working a lot and trying to perfect our business model.

Back then, we didn't know that all those problems we encountered were all a learning lesson and things that were necessary to become what we are today.

When you're new to something, you can't possibly expect to do everything right, but eventually, you learn and use it to your benefit.

Here is how the first six months went:

1) We took cash and checks from customers; then, we had to have our maids collect these checks and send them to us (which became such a huge mess).

We quickly figured out that this was a terrible way of doing business if we wanted to scale, and we looked for an alternative because of this.

This was also the first time we understood what it means to look at a business in terms of scale.

2) We spent a lot of money on hiring platforms that brought in no results.

We learned that even though a platform advertises 'we can get you workers' doesn't mean they are the right platform for you.

This is also true when getting clients.

3) We posted Craigslist ads multiple times a day, and the moment we saw it working, we tried to post there every hour.

I don't know if this strategy works today, but I would figure out something that is free and does if it doesn't.

All of this obviously took a very long time.

During this time, we also:

  • Went to school full time

  • Worked full time

  • Answered and dealt with all customer questions

  • Called all customers after each appointment in hopes to get a review out of them on Yelp

  • Answered maids

  • Went to interview new maids

  • And more

There was no free time.

If you want success, you won't complain or look at it as work; you'll get up and do the necessary things to win.

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