• Filip Boksa

We No Longer Take 1 On 1 Clients

Now that our company started to grow we started to improve.

Here is what we learned and how we went about it.

1. I knew that I wanted to educate people (I think my mom being a teacher at one point has a lot to do with it) and since our training and courses were selling, we kept building and selling them.

By doing so we made money, and our brand was growing (social media accounts, email lists, and clientele).

This was great because we didn't need much manpower to continue building and selling training and courses.

This also allowed me to cover all expenses and start building out a marketing team that would advertise all my companies.

2. We stopped taking 1-on-1 clients because it took too much of our time.

I knew that the money we were making wasn't worth the time we were putting in.

The only time we ever took 1-on-1 clients is when someone was looking to pay a premium price and work with me for about 12 months exclusively (I also have to have the time and I limit this opportunity to a max of 2 people per year).

3. We started building out our own companies.

We started companies from scratch or we bought out companies so that my own marketing team could take over and grow them (this is where the real money was), and if I were to get involved I was growing my own company.

So as of that moment, we only sold training and courses and built our own companies.

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