• Filip Boksa

The Start Of Sassy Egg Inc.

At this moment all I'm thinking about is how can I:

  • generate more income

  • secure myself by adding more revenue streams

  • help people in the process

After evaluating everything it turned out that a marketing company would be a great fit for me. I already learned so much in the last 4 years and achieved a good amount of success that I knew people in the service industry would need help and that I could help them. Not only that but I knew this would help my career further because I'd be learning more about business and marketing. Plus I'd be able to build my own marketing team to help grow my own companies. So I set up my marketing company to do several things:

  • Sell courses and training to grow my brand

  • Take a handful of companies per year to work with 1 on 1 (this would cover all expenses)

  • Find companies that I would invest in and grow them internally through my team (where I really make my money long term)

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