• Filip Boksa

The Mistakes That I See A Lot Of Entrepreneurs Make

In this post, I will talk to you about automation.

Automation is critical, and it should be a main focus from the start.

If you don't think of automation, your business will be stuck.

Remember how we used to collect cash and checks from customers and how it was a terrible idea?

That's because when you start to scale, it becomes a problem (not in all industries but in the residential cleaning industry this is an issue), and taking credit cards is easy and scalable.

There are fees with that process, but you're happy to pay those fees in the long run.

A comparable example I always refer to is a business owner who positions themselves to focus on marketing instead of doing the jobs.

If they go to work and come back tired, they won't focus on marketing, and their company will forever be stuck in the same spot.

If they hire someone to do the job while focusing on marketing and growth, they position themselves for growth, automation, and freedom.

You have to think of automation and the big picture; otherwise, things will slow you down tremendously, and you'll burn out.

Burnout leads to quitting.

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