• Filip Boksa

The Initial Designing Part Of BookingKoala

I don't procrastinate when I'm excited about something.

It's only when I lose interest when I procrastinate.

When we decided to start BookingKoala that was an instant high for me.

I couldn't wait to start brainstorming the logo, website, marketing ideas, and designing the software.

It took me 3 months to design the structure of the software.

3 months straight.

I woke up, worked, ate, and went to sleep.

That was my 3-month schedule and I didn't go anywhere till I was finished.

I was so focused and so motivated.

I sketched the entire software on paper.

240+ pages to be exact.

I would then scan the sketches and put them in a folder on my computer.

I then shared them with the team and they got to work.

The worst part after that was waiting.

It took about a year and a half for the software to be ready and released.

That killed me inside but I kept myself occupied.

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