• Filip Boksa

Taking BookingKoala To A Billion-Dollar Company

Why a billion? There are a few reasons

  • I always wanted to own a large company and having a company worth a billion says a lot about the company you've built

  • Reaching a billion means that you're company is doing well

  • It's a crystal clear goal that can be measured

  • I want to motivate others that achieving great things without outside funding is possible

Why am I so confident that we can do it?

  • I built King of Maids from 6k to millions in only 3 short years

  • I've learned a lot over the years

  • This is where 100% of my effort goes and will for as long as it takes (I'm 100% in)

  • Not only am I in but my team is 100% in and they show it every day

  • Each day I fall in love with the company more, not less and I do more not less (super important and it shows I love what I'm doing)

  • The numbers speak for themselves and the positive feedback we get shows that we are on the right path

  • I love the customers and it makes me work harder to give them everything they need

Call me crazy but I know we got this. I can see that we got this based on how my day goes and what I think about. At this point, I'm an addict. All I can think about is BookingKoala.

  • When I'm in the shower I keep thinking about where can we improve

  • When I'm at a family party all I can think about is getting back to work

  • When I'm driving it's all BookingKoala

  • 24/7 it's all work and work

It's an addiction and I wouldn't want it any other way. Years ago I wasn't all like this but something changed along the way.

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