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My Favorite Tools For Marketers And Entrepreneurs

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

As an owner of several different online companies, I've tested a lot of various tools and software. In this list, I am going to share with you some of my favorites.

Keep in mind that any service that made this list had a significant impact somewhere along my journey. If we signed up for the tool or software, liked it, but had no use for it, it would not end up on this list. 

Sales and marketing

  • Pipedrive - a tool to help with your sales process.

  • Leadpages - a professional landing page builder (my favorite).

  • Clickfunnels - an alternative landing page builder with more advanced options.

  • Fiverr - a service helping you with basic marketing needs (videos, logos, scripts).

  • Hootsuite - a tool to help publish social media content efficiently.

  • SalesHangry - a review bot to help increase website engagement and sales.

  • Tapfiliate - a software to help start your own affiliate program.

  • Mailchimp - an easy to use tool to help with email campaigns.

  • Constant Contact - another great tool to help with email marketing.

  • Sumo - a great tool to help with email sign ups and social media followers.

  • HARO - a good place to get PR for your business as well as a good place to get a source for your blog or media company.

  • SEOJet - a great tool to help with link building.

  • AdEspresso - a good tool to help manage and test Facebook ads.

  • 99 Social - a service that posts on your social media accounts daily for $99.

If you're struggling with sales, I'd suggest reading this blog post.

Design and content creation

  • Canva - an easy to use tool to help with design.

  • 123RF - a database of high-quality images.

  • Promo - a software to help build simple but professional videos.

  • InVision - a tool to help with design (for professional designers).

  • Grammarly - a tool to help with your writing.

  • JotForm - a good tool to create forms and surveys.

  • G Suite - a Google company with many beneficial services.

Customer service, communication and management

  • Skype - a great tool to communicate with your entire team for free.

  • Intercom - expensive but great for live chat and sales automation.

  • JivoChat - an excellent live chat solution for your website or landing page.

  • Slack - the best tool for team management.

  • GrooveHQ - an excellent tool to help with customer service.

  • UserVoice - an advanced tool to help with customer service (for larger companies).

  • RingCentral - a reliable phone system for your office.

  • SendHub - an online phone and SMS system.

Website builders and maintenance


  • Criagslist - a good place to hire cleaners, dog walkers and employees to work for related type industries.

  • Glassdoor - a good place to look for office type employees with various skills.

  • LinkedIn - another good place to look for office type employees with various skills.

  • BackgroundChecks - a good place to quickly run background checks online.

Legal and accounting

  • LegalZoom - an affordable place to help with business registration and legal issues.

  • Rocket Lawyer - a tool to help build contracts.

  • QuickBooks - the best software to track expenses and help with your accounting needs.

  • DocuSign - a tool that allows parties to sign documents electronically.

I will keep this list updated to make sure it's a reliable source in the future. If you want us to list your software or service on here, don't waste your time unless you see that we may have used your software and are looking for feedback as to why it's not on the list. There may also be a chance we forgot to list your software and have enjoyed it.

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