• Filip Boksa

I Was Also Buying Courses

At this point, I'm still paying attention to the wrong people for advice.

Instead of listening to myself and who I am, I'm listening to what's cool and who's cool.

I'm buying all these courses from the wrong people.

I remember I bought the Cardone University for $1,000+ dollars and I fell for what's inside.

I didn't know much about selling so I watched most of it within a week, made my team watch it and we applied what was inside to how we sell.

The whole time I was literally thinking how does anyone sell like this.

'Keep calling people till they buy' or 'Keep calling even if they tell you to never call them again'.

I won't knock Grant Cardone cause he's a smart guy with a strong desire and motive to win but this wasn't the way I wanted to do business.

I'd rather be out of business than sell that way.

So far my experience made me not enjoy owning a marketing company so, after a few months, I took a step back, re-evaluated everything, and changed things around.

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