• Filip Boksa

I Bought Out My Partner And Started Sassy Egg

At this point, my partner and I were looking to get out of the cleaning industry.

I wanted to start a marketing company and he wanted to go start something with his brother.

We listed the business up for sale and one day after having a discussion with someone I decided that it was pretty dumb to sell a business that is profiting about 400-500k per year and it is running itself.

I asked my partner if he wanted out I would buy his half of the company.

He agreed so I purchased the other half of the company and that same month I started a marketing company called Sassy Egg.

Now that I had a great income, it was time to figure out how to start saving and creating other sources of income to secure myself and change as many lives as I can touch in the process.

I figured a marketing company would be a great start.

I brought in a friend from high school that I've built a great relationship, we rented a nice office in the heart of Chicago and my next journey began.

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