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How We Used Technology To Grow Faster

Technology is a big part of your day to day living.

Imagine getting rid of cars, buses, airplanes, or your phone/computer/electronics.

Getting to work for most people would take forever, and talking to a family member wouldn't be as convenient as it is today.

Imagine talking to a relative that's overseas without a phone or technology.

You'd have to mail a letter or visit them in person, which would take weeks if not months.

That's the power of technology, and that is the power we gained after leveraging it properly when growing not just King of Maids but all of our businesses.

Every dollar we made, we invested that into building out software for our business.

This is how that helped us grow:

  • Customers were able to book, reschedule and cancel bookings (this helped save us so much time in terms of customer service)

  • Customers were able to easily review bookings and refer friends (this helped us grow even faster)

  • Our customer service reps were able to navigate and organize the company better (helped us eliminate time, which helped us focus on other aspects of the business like growth)

In total, our software helped us save over $100,000 per year by eliminating office members.

This was huge because not only was the software helping us grow faster than our competitors, but it helped us save $100,000 per year.

That $100,000 was spent on marketing, which helped us grow even faster.

That was the magic formula for marketing.

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