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How We Built Our Pre-Launch List

I hate wasting time.

That's my biggest pet peeve.

In all honesty, it drives me crazy when I see people wasting their time even if it has no benefit in my life.

Especially when someone is not happy with where they are and they scroll on social media for hours on end each day.

Anyway, I figured that even though our company is not yet live and customers can't buy, we can already start looking for our customers.

That way when we do go live we have customers right away.

I did a successful pre-launch before so I knew that we can replicate this for BookingKoala.

We designed our website so that it captured an email if someone was interested in the software or landed on the website.

Later when the software was live, we could email them letting them know that the day has come.

That's exactly what we did and when the day came we had revenue coming in shortly after we opened our doors.

It was exciting and we didn't waste any time even when I was waiting for the launch of our software.

All we had to do was figure out how to get sign-ups.

Since our website was ready to capture leads months before the software was ready we had a lot of time to get potential customers.

The best strategy was to put a 'Powered by BookingKoala' badge on the King of Maids website.

Since our competition always looks at what we do, they would eventually find the software we were using.

Then they would spread the word and we started to get some hype.

That was the initial strategy.

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