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How We Blew Up King of Maids

King of Maids is always my reminder as to how fast things can happen.

Many of those around me only remember how fast we became successful, but only my partner and I remember the hard work that went into growing that company.

Not only was the work physical (extended hours), but the work was also mental.

If I had to guess, many of you are struggling to grow your company right now.

Maybe it's been six months since you've started, and you've only made a few sales.

Maybe it's been two years, and you're still struggling.

My journey was no different.

The first six months were vital because we struggled during that time.

Sales weren't consistent, and for the most part, we had no idea if what we were doing will pay off.

We did our research and followed our gut.

Our strategy at that point was to give the customer what they wanted and build our reputation on Yelp.

We saw that many of our competitors have many reviews on Yelp, and we figured that was the place to be.

Our strategy was to find free advertising channels, undercut our competition, and push every client to leave a review on Yelp after the job was completed.

Once we started to advertise on these free channels, we lost track of where the sales were coming from.

After a while, we figured out that Craigslist was the free channel that was working and we started to leverage that to gain our first set of customers.

After six months, we gained a good amount of reviews on Yelp, and the strategy worked.

We blew up after that, and we leveraged that same strategy across other locations.

That was the secret sauce, and it certainly didn't happen overnight.

It's important to understand that we had a strategy when we started, and it wasn't a strategy that made us a lot of money overnight.

It took 6+ months to execute, and it took the self-belief that it will pay off.

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