• Filip Boksa

How To Start Any Business For Under $1,000

First of all, I want to make something clear. Starting a business isn't easy. I got fortunate that I succeeded in business before I began to spend time on social media regularly. You may have noticed that today, people do anything to sell their courses and their products. They make it seem like business is easy when it's not. If I bought into that before I succeeded, I would have second-guessed myself. I would have questioned why nothing is happening for so many months. Luckily, I understood hard work early, and I knew to keep pushing.

I'm only telling you this because I want you to understand what you're getting yourself into when starting a business. This isn't supposed to scare you either. This is meant to let you know that sacrifices need to be made, and the more time you devote towards your goal, the faster, you will reach it. 

How I started

When I started at 19, I was in college, and I was obsessed with my goal. I would wake up, worked on my business, drove to school, and before walking into class, I'd sit in the car doing customer service. When I got out of class, I wouldn't leave the parking lot until all customer questions were answered, if any came in while I was in class. Once I got home, I worked on the business until I went to sleep.

After a year, the business started to take off, and I didn't want to go to college anymore, nor did I have the time. I told my parents, and they didn't take it lightly. To make them happy, I pretended to go. I would leave the house in my car to park up somewhere so I could continue working on my business. Eventually, they put the pieces together, so I stopped leaving the house. They knew I no longer was going to school, yet they didn't say a word for months. That moment they knew I'm working on something special and they let me be. Today, my mom works full time for my company, and I reached heights I never knew existed when I started.

Starting is important

I know what it feels like to be lost. I also know that most people don't achieve the things they want because they don't think they can. I don't blame them because it's hard to believe in outcomes they don't know are possible. When I started, I knew I'd succeed, but I didn't think that I would succeed at this level. 

The two most valuable things when starting a business is the decision to start and the ability to give your journey 100% effort without ever giving up. Once you start, opportunities you didn't know to exist will knock on your door. I promise you. If you don't start, the opportunities will go to waste.

If you're ready for a challenge, pick something you will enjoy doing. You can decide to do whatever it is that you want. Just do something and don't let fear hold you back.

Here are guides to help you get started on a low budget ($1,000 or less):

  • How to start an e-commerce business (currently I'm invested in 2 e-commerce businesses) - click here.

  • How to start a subscription box business (started my own when I was 21 and sold it the same year) - click here.

  • How to start a service business (where I started and still own the business today) - click here.

  • How to start a t-shirt selling business (part investor in a brand who uses this model as one of their revenue generating-strategies) - click here.

  • How to start a blogging business (currently doing it) - click here.

  • How to become an influencer and grow your personal brand (currently doing it) - click here.

  • How to start a software company (owner of 2 software companies) - click here.

  • How to start a marketing or consulting company (owner of a marketing and consulting company) - click here.

All the information I display inside each of the guides come from years of experience. If you still have any questions after going through any of the guides, you can contact me through social media. Someone on my team will answer fairly quickly, and I may address your query through a blog post. Make sure to follow me on all social media platforms as well so that you are notified of new posts. Here are my social media accounts:

And remember, if starting a business is your goal, start today. There is no such thing as the perfect moment. The vision you have today will turn out to be something completely different five years from now. Your ideas will evolve; you will get better, and so will your vision.

If you're living at home with your parents like I did when I started, this is your time. Don't waste the opportunity as so many people do. As you can see, I started with one company, and that company allowed me to do other things I love.

My last tip for you is to find a partner that you can trust. Whether it's a close friend, a relative or a spouse, the right partner will add value in numerous ways. They will help with the work, they will help make decisions, and most importantly, they will make running a business more fun. From my experience, having a partner will give you a better chance at success because going through hard experiences together is easier than going at them alone.