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  • Filip Boksa

How To Start A Business (7 Steps To Freedom)

Freedom should be a goal of anyone trying to start a business. There's no competitor more powerful than one who is motivated, doesn't stress about income, and has the freedom to focus their entire day on improving their business.

When I first started, my partner and I did a lot of busywork. I answered phone calls from 8 am to 7 pm while he managed all the cleaners and helped with emails and live chat. We did that for over a year, and we felt the burn. Doing tasks like that will burn you out, and I can promise you that no serious entrepreneur is worried about a competitor that only focuses on busywork.

However, you have to start somewhere, especially if you have a limited budget. That was our starting point, and after a year, we slowly optimized for freedom. We reduced our business hours so we could focus more on growth. Then when we gained more revenue and profit, we hired employees and replaced ourselves in the business. This is where things become fun, and this is when you weep the rewards of being an entrepreneur.

Your goal should be to replace yourself within your business and free yourself from all busy work. The day you don't need to do daunting tasks is when your business and your life will reach the next level. For us, we more than doubled the company the following year to over $2,000,000 annually, and I was able to start BookingKoala.

I recently wrote a blog post to help you reach this level within the business. It can be found here:

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