• Filip Boksa

How To Grow Your Instagram Account For Free

Most people do one or all of these things to grow their channels:

  • they follow and unfollow those who won't follow them back

  • they pay pages to promote them

  • they try to use hashtags to grow their brands

These are all terrible ways to grow your channel.

Especially if you have some money to invest in a marketing strategy that once figured out will make you money while your channel is growing for free and all on autopilot.

Below I'm going to show you the method we use to grow our brands and it's the same method I'm using today to grow my own personal brand.

Within the first 30 days, we gained nearly 500 followers and made around $3,000 in profit promoting my personal brand.

This strategy can be used for anyone:

  • Personal brands

  • Marketing companies

  • E-commerce

  • Services

  • New companies

  • Large companies

  • Those looking for followers

  • Those looking to make money using Instagram

For those of you who don't know my story, I grew my first business to over $5,000,000 by the time I was 22 (we also did that with only a $6,000 investment):

  • I didn't have rich parents

  • I was only 19 when I started

  • Only had $3,000 (my partner put in the other $3,000)

  • Didn't have any experience

  • I was going to college and I was going to work at the same time I started my first business

Yet the business succeeded because we worked hard at it.

Later after King of Maids took off, I started BookingKoala, today home to over 2,700 entrepreneurs:

As I'm writing this I'm 27 and I've learned a lot over the years.

I've studied everything in terms of marketing and this strategy is my favorite one.

We use it literally for every single one of my brands and it makes all of them money while all the Instagram channels grow for free.

Ready to learn how we do it and how you can use it too?

Let's get started.

You have to learn how to do 3 things very well:

  1. Make good content on your Instagram channel

  2. Running Instagram ADs

  3. Creating offers that people will buy

All 3 are equally important and when you do them right you can apply this strategy to grow any account and make money at the same time.

Why is making good content important?

It's important for several reasons:

  • When someone clicks on your profile from an ad they will go through your content

  • The better the content the more likely they will follow your account

  • The better the content the more likely they will buy your offer the next time they see your ad

  • The better the content the more money the person will spend when buying whatever it is you're selling

You can check out my personal account to see what content I put out by clicking here.

Why is running Instagram ADs important?

  • When your ads are running you're gaining exposure to your IG page

  • People can go from your ad to your IG profile and follow you even if they don't buy at that moment (this is important because they might buy one day)

  • You can scale out your ads and the more money you spend the more followers you will get

Why is creating good offers important?

  • If you have a good offer and you spend $100 and you get $100 back the same day you're breaking even and you're growing your IG channel for free.

  • If you spend $100 and bring back $200 the same day you are now making money while your account is growing for free

If you get these 3 parts correctly you can literally make money and grow an IG channel for free.

As an example how would I grow a brand new dog account on Instagram?

This one is one of the easier ones in my opinion (and if you have a cute dog I just gave you a freebie).

People love cute dog channels and if you have good content people will follow your account much faster than say something like my personal channel.

Mine takes some convincing while a few cute pictures or videos of a dog will gain you a follow instantly.

What content would I put out?

I would make my dog Insta famous by putting out cute videos of them as much as I could (the more you post the more followers and money you will make).

What offer would I make?

I would find a cute item online and become an affiliate for that item.

What is an affiliate?

It's when you get a cut by selling someone's product for them.

That means that if I sold the item for a company I would get a cut for it.

Selling as an affiliate is great:

  • You sell and get a cut

  • You don't need the item because the company ships it or sends it

  • All you have to do is focus on selling the item

I would then order the item and make a video and an offer for it.

For example, if it was a toy I would show a video of my dog using it in the AD and take them to a page where they can buy it.

I would turn on Instagram ADs and focus on breaking even and improving till I start making money with the item.

Keep in mind this isn't something that will happen in a day (it may take a week if you're a professional and it takes weeks to months to figure this out if you're a beginner)

It took me over a year to get my first offer to start making money and today it takes about a week to a month to make a new profitable offer since we know what we are doing.

So going back to the dog example, if my cut for selling the toy was $20, I need to get a customer for every $20 I spend on Instagram ADs to break even.

If I sell it every $10, I now am making $10 per customer while my account is growing for free.

That is the secret.

Once you have your first profitable offer you can then go and make more of them to grow faster and make more money.

This would look something like this:

Offer 1:

  • Spending $50 per day and gaining $10 profit per day and 3 followers

  • After 30 days you made $300 and gained 90 new followers

Offer 2:

  • Spending $70 per day and making $25 per day and gaining 4 followers

  • After 30 days you made $750 and gained 120 new followers

From 2 offers you:

  • Made $1,050 in 30 days

  • Gained 210 new followers in 30 days

  • Did it all automatically without any following or unfollowing methods

That is the secret!

I hope this helps you especially if you've always wanted to grow your channel.

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