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How To Get More Customers For Your Business

Does this sound anything like what you're going through right now?

  • Your business is struggling to get clients.

  • You've spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to advertise your business without any luck.

  • You might be on the brink of giving up.

  • How are my competitors getting all these clients and growing their businesses, yet I can't?

Don't worry; you're not alone. I've been there before myself, and I promise there's light at the end of the tunnel if you figure out the right approach.

When I first started King of Maids, it took us six months to figure out how to advertise that business, and after we did, we went from $0 to over $5,000,000 in about three years.

(Picture shows revenue from one of our locations which nearly hit 5 million itself).

Later, when I started BookingKoala, the process was no different. It took us a while to get going, but we went from $0 to $10,000 in recurring profit in less than six months after we figured out a business strategy. Today we have over 2,700 entrepreneurs using our training and methods to grow their businesses.

(Screenshot was taken straight from our FB community group. It does of course help to have a great product and service so make sure you are always improving).

So what is the key?

(If you don't want to read the blog post you can watch the video instead)

When growing a business, you have to think of the short term and long term. For example, if I were to start a cleaning service again, I would figure out how to get a client today and leverage that client to my advantage to get more clients out of them in the future.

How would I do that? I would advertise so that I could get that first client AT A PROFIT, get potential users along the way, and leverage the buyer to grow another source of revenue for me.

Let's break it down so you get how this works (it's a lot to digest at once).

  • If I can run a Facebook AD to get a client at a profit the same day, I'm already winning (you're growing your business for free).

  • Those that don't buy from you, figure out a way to get them to follow your profile (future buyers and free revenue by nurturing them over time)

  • Those that did buy from you push them to leave a review on a profile such as Yelp (since Yelp is significant in the cleaning industry, Yelp will bring free customers to you in the future when you have a lot of reviews)

Do you see what we just did there?

  • We spent $100 to make $100+ (we want to make a profit the same day when runnings ads)

  • We got followers to our profile (they will buy in the future, which is all profit).

  • We got people to leave us a review on a platform that will bring us more money in the future once we build up a reputation on that platform (in this case, we were leveraging Yelp and again all free profit later).

This can be done in any industry. 

If I were to do it in the software industry, I would again run Facebook ADs, gain followers to my page (future buyers), and push all my buyers to Capterra (a large review site for software businesses).

We use this strategy to grow all of our businesses, and anyone can use this to grow their business.

Now that you understand the strategy, let's continue.

Step 1: 

You're going to have to learn how to advertise using Facebook and/or Instagram.

It's important because Facebook and Instagram come with tremendous advantages.

  • One of the two largest social media platforms out there.

  • Your customers are there.

  • Their platforms are brilliant.

  • The more data you have about your clients, the more clients it will bring you.

  • It will help us attract future buyers to follow your account (something most of the other platforms do not offer, which is vital to your success)(learn more about this below).

If you've never worked with Facebook, you can check out the course we made here.

This is probably the most challenging part of the strategy because it requires you to learn the Facebook algorithm and create offers to hook the customer to buy from you.

Step 2:

You have to learn how to put together an offer that makes you money (we also show you how to do that in our FB/IG course if you need help).

As an example, you run a FB and Instagram AD and spend $100. 

Now you have to learn how to make that $100 back the same day so that any buyer that buys in the future brings your company profit.

If you create an offer that when you spend $100 and make $200, you then have a real winner (our course also teaches you how to do this).

Do not get frustrated if you cannot get an offer on your first try. It took me over $100,000 and around one year to get my first offer to be profitable.  

You can see that in one month we spent nearly $19,000 just on this one specific AD (the same video ad showed in the above image with the 615 comments).

Step 3:

Time to leverage your profile to make more money.

Not only is your goal to make your money back the same day (spend $100 on FB/IG ADs and bring in $200 back the same day). Your goal is to spend your money so that you make money on ADs AND gain a following.

When you start to create content for your FB/IG page, those followers will turn to future buyers (loyal ones too). The more content you put out, the more of these followers will convert into buyers as time goes on, which is great because this is all profit.

Here is a video from inside our course explaining this section (make sure to watch it, so you understand how to leverage your profile):

The best part about these followers is that they are very likely to buy. Facebook and Instagram allow you to target those users who are most likely to buy from you, which means those who follow your profile come from the same audience. If they didn't buy yet from your ad, they would likely buy in the future (super powerful and again discussed in the course). 

Step 4:

Time to scale up.

Once you've figured out how to run ads, your offer is profitable; you're securing followers and putting out content to nurture and get those who followed but didn't buy yet to buy, you now scale.

That means if you're spending $100 on FB/IG ads and are getting five buyers a day at a profit, now you want to scale to $200, $500, and more per day.

The more money you can spend, the faster your business will grow.

Be careful when scaling your ads because it's not as simple as increasing the budget. Rising too fast will break the algorithm, and Facebook will start spending your money while you're conversions and purchases drop significantly (we fell for this several times, hence why we also made the course to make sure you don't run into these issues)

Step 5: 

Figure out your long term channel (your Yelp or Capterra from our above examples). Whenever someone buys from you, you're going to have to push the buyer to a review channel that will help you grow your business for free in the future. 

Please do not skip this point because it is crucial. To give you an idea of how important that is, here is a real example:

When we first started our business, we pushed all of our clients to leave a review on Yelp. After several months (we had around 30 reviews), Yelp pushed our profile to the first page of their search results. Now, when people searched for cleaning, our profile was shown to them for free. This resulted in THOUSANDS of free revenue that year, and as we grew, revenue increased.

Now, do you see what we just did there?

  • We learned how to make money the same day using FB/IG ads.

  • We gained followers to our FB/IG profile to increase conversions and secure future buyers (free money)

  • AND we figured out how to leverage all those buyers to create another revenue stream us that will be ready a few months from now (big money later)

If you add all this together, your business will boom.

Good luck!

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