• Filip Boksa

How Should You Approach Business In Your First Few Years

You have to think about how do I get away from this business and live my life.

How can I put the pieces in place so that I'm not needed here anymore?

That is the mentality you have to have when you're building a business; otherwise, you'll be working for your business for the rest of your life.

Think about it for a second.

If you think that way, you'll build the life you want.

You'll set up a plan to not make $5,000/month but a plan that will help you achieve freedom.

Once you set that as your goal, your company will move in a completely different direction.

You'll focus on the right things, things that will grow your company.

Things that will make your customers happier because you need to deliver better products and services to scale and grow.

And one day, you'll be able to step away because a team will be there to grow your company for you.

You'll have choices:

  • Sell the company to someone that wants to grow the company further

  • Collect profits, stick them in the stock market

  • Focus on other things you're passionate about

  • Start other streams of income and secure yourself

  • Keep growing the company if you're passionate about it (this time with a team helping you)

That should be your focus.

Set up a plan to hit that goal, and that plan will be much different from someone that wants to make some extra side money.

  • You'll take less money out of the company and re-invest it

  • You'll pay attention more to your customers

  • You'll find better people to help you grow

  • You'll be building an asset worth much more than some side money

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