• Filip Boksa

How My Mind Shifted With A Bit Of Success

A little success can shift your mind and show you that good things are possible if you believe in them.

Like you already know, I had quick success at an early age and when I started I definitely didn't think that things would take off so fast.

When I started my goal was to make $100,000 a year, that's it.

I had no idea how long it will take to get there but I knew that we would figure it out after we start.

Then all of a sudden we blew right through that goal and at that moment I realized that things can happen very fast.

I stopped putting a limit on my goals and told myself the sky is the limit as long as I believe in myself and I want to keep going.

So I did, I started new projects and I always told myself that things can happen very fast.

If you're not succeeding today, keep going because tomorrow could be the day.

That goes for anything that I do.

All it takes is that one idea or that one marketing strategy to turn everything around.

On top of that every day you're getting better and sooner or later you'll get good at what you do.

And opportunities will present themselves.

There is no loss when you're investing in yourself, believing in yourself, and getting better everyday.

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