• Filip Boksa

How Much Friendship Means To Me

Friendship and loyalty mean everything.

If someone quits on you, steals from you, or badmouths you, that's not friendship.

I have no problem getting rid of people like that.

I don't even think twice nor look back once I decide to never talk to someone again.

Do I care if I see them again?

No, but I won't go out of my way to keep in touch.

If someone makes your life easier and is always there for you, that's friendship.

Those people get rewarded and I forever have their back.

I never cared about being the richest person in the world.

That was and never will be my goal.

I don't' care if I'm a billionaire or have 20 million dollars.

As long as I'm financially free that is all I care about.

When I started BookingKoala I had 1 other partner and I was involved in other projects at the same time.

One person I've invested in was always there and didn't want to give up on me while a few others gave up along the way.

I rewarded the person with stake in BookingKoala and brought him over to the company.

That was a long time ago and today he's another one of my brothers that I've built a strong relationship and bond.

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