• Filip Boksa

How Long Did It Take To Get My First Sale

You already know I went to college and worked for my dad full-time.

That meant whenever I wasn't doing that I was working on the business with my partner.

We Skyped all the time and focused on the business.

Both of us were 100% in.

I didn't have to ask him to work on stuff and he didn't have to ask me to work on stuff.

We were both on the same page and we both knew we were working our asses off to make this happen.

It didn't take too long for us to see our first sale but for the first 6 months, sales weren't very consistent.

We were learning a lot but there was so much stuff we didn't know including where most of our sales were coming from.

It was though, but after 6 months of hard work we finally figured out where the sales were coming from, we doubled down on that marketing channel and we started to see momentum.

12 months from that moment we hit nearly $1,000,000 in sales.

From then on things started moving.

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