• Filip Boksa

How It Felt Interviewing People At Dunkin Donuts

When we first started we didn't have an office so we figured interviewing prospects at a local shop would be the best idea.

We figured Dunkin Donuts would be that local shop.

We didn't think much of it.

We had to hire someone so we did what was required.

Yes, people looked at us weird but only cause we were so young.

I was 19 at the time interviewing people that were anywhere from 25 to 65 years old.

At first, it felt like a scam, but we didn't care.

As long as they agreed to work at the company and showed up our mission was successful.

We also knew this was temporary and it wasn't all that bad.

Once the conversation started they saw right away that we were for real.

They gave the required documents and signed the required paperwork.

After a little over a year and about 100+ interviews later we got our first office.

That entire process showed me that we had what it takes to do whatever was needed to win.

Today this feels like ages ago but I still remember the entire process like it was yesterday.

The funny part about this is that somewhere in the near future we got rid of this entire step.

We no longer interviewed in person and we could've done that from the start.

I laugh at that at times because at that moment we really wanted to meet the person because that's what everyone did.

Instead, we should've been listening to where the world was heading just like we did later on.

It's okay though, we eventually got that, and today those are all lessons in my book.

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