• Filip Boksa

How I Left My First Partnership

In business, you must make decisions quickly without hesitating. I knew instantly that if someone doesn't make an effort to work on our future they won't help us become successful. Within a few weeks, I already learned my first lesson. Don't just pick a partner because you don't want to grow a business alone. Pick someone that's going to do their part and push you every single day. That's the only way you'll get better and succeed. The same day I ended my first partnership I approached my best friend from high school. The only reason I didn't ask him to join me the first time, was because I didn't think he'd have the time to start a business with me. This time, I said screw it, this is the man for the job and I'll at least ask before I go at this alone. If I'm going to succeed with someone it will be him. I knew that because he didn't care about partying or hanging out with friends all the time. He cared about his future and he sat at home building it alone all senior year of high school. When I came to him he said that if he's going to quit his side gig (he was flipping things on eBay) we got to be 100% in and there is no backing out once we start. We brainstormed a few ideas, decided to start a cleaning business and it all took off from there. At this point, I just found my first team member, my partner, and all it took was trial and error. Here I learned:

  • Don't just pick anyone to be your partner

  • Make decisions fast

  • Don't get emotional if you care about success

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