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How I Found My Team That Built BookingKoala

You already know that when I started I had no idea there would be a BookingKoala.

My goal was to make King of Maids a success when we started and no way did I ever think that far.

I am forever grateful that I understood that things don't come to you without work so I kept working.

I kept working every single day, making King of Maids better.

The first month in business we found a team to build out a site for us for about $500 (can't remember the exact numbers but it was somewhere around there).

That site was terrible.

A few days later we had a new team to re-do the entire site for us.

This time the site looked and felt fine.

A couple of weeks go by and we start learning about technology and how businesses are using it to grow faster.

We decided that our website wasn't good enough.

We now didn't just want a normal website, we wanted a customer to be able to book directly on our website without having the need to call us.

We talked to our developer and he said he couldn't do that.

It was too complex and his team wasn't prepared for that kind of development.

Here we find ourselves looking for a new developer (3rd one in less than 6 months)

My partner found a team, I spoke to them and we agreed to build out the missing parts for about $2,000.

A few weeks later, the site was done and it worked, we had our first online booking.

Since then we kept improving and using the same team to do it.

That same team built the original software King of Maids used to scale and it's the same team that built and keeps working on BookingKoala every single day.

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