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How I Found My Team

People always want to know how I've built my team so let me show you the process.

Before King of Maids, I actually tried to grow my dad's business (he owns a carpet installation company).

I didn't want to work for him, I wanted to see if I can get clients for him, while he focused on hiring and managing the jobs.

If we succeeded he would hire more people and eventually replace himself down the road while we'd take a cut for getting him jobs.

It was the same idea as we did for King of Maids (we wanted to be the middleman).

I called a friend that I was hanging out with almost every day (mainly we'd play video games and play basketball almost daily).

I asked him to join me and he agreed.

We worked a good amount for about a week but what I quickly realized was that if I never called him to come and work with me, he'd never bother reaching out about business-related things.

I figured I'd wait a week and not say a word about business or the work needed to be successful.

I waited a week, then two weeks, and during that time he didn't mention the business even once.

Right away I knew this wasn't going to work out so I figured I needed to get out of the partnership right away.

So I did.

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