• Filip Boksa

How I Found A Brother During This Entire Process

I didn't know it then but while I was building out the King of Maids software with the head developer, we were building a relationship.

Over the years that relationship turned into something very special to both of us.

We both naturally trusted each other and we spoke every single day over Skype.

After some time, I talked about turning the King of Maids software into its separate business, but it wasn't concrete because I didn't think I could pull it off.

At some point, he saw what we've built and he wanted to do the same thing.

He approached me and asked me if I wanted to start and build BookingKoala (of course we didn't have the name yet).

I will forever remember where I was when that discussion took place.

When he asked me to partner up with him on this journey I didn't think we could pull it off.

I was invested in a lot of different companies at this point, and I didn't think I had enough capital to invest in this project.

He told me, not to worry about it, give him whatever I had left, he will match the rest and figure out how to leverage the team we had to get the job done.

I agreed and BookingKoala was started.

Not only that but the relationship kept growing.

I never had any siblings but I consider him as a brother these days and have for quite some time.

It's one of the very few relationships that I cherish and will work on keeping for the rest of my life.

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