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How Does My Week Look Like

What does my week look like? First of all, I cant wait for each day to start. I think that's important. I love waking up in the morning and seeing what's new. I prioritize growth tasks only and there are only 3 things I involve myself in: 1. What is the plan for the company 2. How is the product getting better 3. Which people will help us get there Putting out fires is no longer my responsibility. In the first few years, you need to establish a strong staff that can handle all that and free up your time for what is important. If we're not growing and making our product better, I don't want to hear about it (it drains too much of your energy). Your energy is important and you never want to experience burnout so prioritize tasks that help you grow. If you're growing all other issues take care of themselves. For example, if you're making money:

  • A lawsuit comes, you can pay someone to do it and if you don't have the money it drains your energy being part of the process

  • If you're growing, your staff is growing and tasks become easier and the company gets stronger

Every company must prioritize making money otherwise your life becomes that much harder. So now that you know what I focus on, here's how I do it:

  • I categorize everything into 2 tasks ('due now' and 'due whenever')

  • The moment I wake up I knock all the tasks that are 'due now' and every day I try to end the day without any 'due now' tasks on my sheet

  • If I can clear all those tasks by noon I start on the 'due whenever' tasks and those are all the tasks that get us ahead and the important ones to me

  • I try to work on the 'due whenever' tasks on the weekends only because that is when I get least distracted

Do I go on dates, gym, family parties? Yes, I do I fit all that stuff in every single week. Typically I spend about 4-5 hours in the gym per week and I go on at least 1 date per week with my girlfriend. I also visit my parents once per week and I work a bit less on holidays (sometimes I even take the day off). I also try to see my close friends at least once per month and if I cant I try to keep in contact with them, see how they are doing. I love my schedule and that's the most important part. I'm only in my 20s so the hustle is important to me. Maybe going into my 30s I will start to change it up a bit but for now, it works well for me.

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