• Filip Boksa

How Did We Do Our 2nd Year In Business

After about 6 months of struggling, to hitting nearly 1 million in sales from month 6 to month 18 (12 months), we were up for another challenge.

Now from month 18 to month 30 (another 12 months), we hit nearly 2.1 million in sales.

In the picture, you only see our Chicago location but in 2015 we added on 4 more cities in Texas (New York was not there yet).

In Texas alone, we did over $500,000 our first year.

At this point, I've made it further than I've ever thought was even possible, especially at that speed.

Here I'm about 21 years old making more money than my parents combined and feeling like a real entrepreneur with a real business.

It felt amazing and I wanted more.

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