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How Did My Week Used To Look Like

Yesterday I showed you how my weeks are now. Today I will show you how they used to look like when I started. It's important for me to show you this so you can see that things don't happen overnight. It takes time to achieve some kind of success. When I started I knew one thing. I didn't want to work a regular job and I wanted to reach financial freedom so I can focus on my life and spend time with my wife and kids (that I would eventually have). That was what drove me initially and it was enough. I approached my best friend from high school and we agreed to start a business in the cleaning industry. It was a great place to start because we didn't need a lot of money to start and the business was scalable. I only got into business with him because I knew if he agreed he'd be 100% in. I didn't want someone to mess around with, I wanted someone to achieve goals with. I knew he was the man for the job because when he was in high school he had a side gig and within a year he bought himself a nice car and saved up around $50,000. And for a high school kid that was damn impressive to me. It was time to get to work.

  • We didn't have any experience

  • We only put in a combined investment of $6,000

  • We were going to college full-time

  • Both of us worked (I worked for my dad and he had his side gig trading stuff on eBay)

  • We didn't have rich parents or any connections

We just put in the work.

  • Whenever I wasn't working for my dad I worked on the business

  • Whenever I wasn't going to college or doing homework I was working on the business

  • The same goes for him

  • We were on Skype literally 24/7 talking to each other

  • He answered all maids and I answered all customers (we were open 7 days a week)

  • When I pulled up to school I'd answer customer emails before I stepped out of the car and when class was done I called any missed calls before I even left the parking lot

This was the grind 24/7 without missing a single day for about 15 months give or take. And guess what? A few months later the business exploded and we had so much work I made the decision to drop out of college and focus 100% on the business. He followed my lead a few weeks later. On top of all that I still tried to go to the gym to get my workouts in (even at 11 at night sometimes). Apart from business and the gym, I did nothing else. I didn't care for birthday parties or holidays.

My main focus was business and if I had to do it all over again I'd do it in a heartbeat. That set my entire future up for me and opened up my mind to things I didn't even know were possible at the time.

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