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How Did I Become An Addict To The Hustle

I wasn't always addicted to working.

I used to go out a lot, spend time with my friends and watch a lot of television.

I used to play a lot of video games as well but then things changed.

So what changed?

Well, the simple answer is I got into business and things went my way.

Here is what I mean.

I started King of Maids and we grew super fast.

I was about 22 when I experienced financial freedom and the feeling was amazing.

Once I experienced it I realized that I was super grateful for what I have and the worst thing that could happen to me at that moment was to lose it all and have to get a regular job.

Just imagine enjoying life every day, working whenever you want, and doing the things that you want, then all of a sudden it all goes away.

That's something that no successful person wants happening to them.

So at that point fear became my motivator.

It was either work harder to make sure I never lost it all or watch TV several hours a day and risk the chance of one day having to get a regular job.

I'm not knocking anyone who has a regular job, but once you get away from that, you don't want to go back.

It's like being single and doing fine, then you meet the love of your life and even though you were fine before, you still don't ever want to lose what you found.

The choice was clear, I doubled down and I started working harder and smarter.

And then one day that work led me to opening BookingKoala.

I figured we'd change a lot of lives through that business but I didn't yet realize how hard of a business I was getting myself into.

It was another challenge though, one that my team and I happily accepted.

Along the way, things started to shift and people started to love and appreciate the work we do for them.

It felt amazing and this is where things started to change for me.

Now the fear of losing it all started to go away and the motivator became the people who used our products.

My whole team was motivated each time someone said we are 'the Ferrari of our industry'.

So our focus became clear.

The focus became the customer and the customer made us addicted to the hustle.

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