• Filip Boksa

How Business Can Help You Build Strong Relationships

Business has brought a lot of beautiful things in my life.

I will forever be grateful that I started when I was 19, had some success, and kept going.

Out of all the success that came with being in business for so long, at the top of the list are the relationships I've gained along the way.

Before business, I had a lot of friends and I never had trouble fitting in.

I moved a lot when I was younger and making friends became easy.

Figuring out whom to be around also become easy and I learned that true friendship is hard to find.

I was never the person to call someone a best friend or a brother just because I hung out with them a lot.

Whenever I saw someone call someone brother or sister because they met 6 months ago and loved partying together was funny to me.

To me, a relationship is built over time and today I understand that the best relationships are built after going through struggles together.

If the person is with you till the end and doesn't quit on you, those are the relationships you want to keep for the rest of your life.

Anyone can party with you, but only a few will go through the pain and struggle with you.

Business is a great place to find those relationships.

It's a test of whos with you and whos not.

Who believes in you and who doesn't.

My first partner to this day is another brother to me.

We've built our first successful business together and even though we're not partners anymore we've built a bond that I will forever cherish.

Neither of us gave up on each other and we always believed in each other.

I know he's got my back and he knows I have his.

It's been tested throughout the years and those are the only relationships I hold onto.

As I continue this journey I keep finding other relationships like that.

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