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Commit To Facebook & Instagram Advertisement And Get Rewarded

How many times have you seen ads on Facebook and Instagram?

My guess is a lot, and every time you visit the site, you're swarmed with them. I myself use Facebook & Instagram advertisement for all of my businesses.

Why do you think that is?

It's because, with the right strategy, it is one of the most effective advertising channels for ANY business. You're literally able to create lookalike audiences and advertise to your exact customer. Yup, you heard that right. You can basically feed Facebook with data from your existing customers and tell them to find more just like them. In other words, you're telling Facebook to get you free money. If you don't know what lookalike audiences are, that's just another example of why you need to get on Facebook/Instagram.

Here is a video of what lookalike audiences are (taken straight from our course):

If that wasn't enough, what else?

Facebook and Instagram allow you to gain followers as you advertise. That's super important because you're gaining a following of those who will buy from you later if your strategy is set up correctly. Here's an example of what that means: 

  • You advertise to your lookalike audience (those that are most likely to buy from you)

  • They either buy, or they might follow your profile

  • If they buy right away, that's great news

  • If they don't buy right away, they can potentially buy later as you create content on your page

Very powerful stuff, and here is a video of me explaining that further (another lesson from our course):

It's okay if you're struggling at first. It took me over a year and over $100,000 on testing to get my first funnel. It takes time to understand how Facebook/Instagram works just like it does with anything else. I wouldn't expect to know how to make a pumpkin pie if I never baked before and you shouldn't expect to get this on on day 1 either-even if you understand how other platforms work.

What's important is that you start experimenting and testing with the platform. Get familiar with it, understand how it works, and start with a small budget. If you need help you can grab a course I made for you based on everything I've learned and the proper strategies to take to grow your business using Facebook and Instagram. It's a great investment if you're looking to make this your strategy for your business. If you learn how to advertise using FB and IG you can use this strategy for any business you start in the future.

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