• Filip Boksa

Buying Myself A Cadillac Escalade

Boy was I in for a treat.

Thanks to social media I came into this industry thinking that there was only one way to sell a customer.

When I went on Facebook all I saw was sell, sell, and sell.

Either that or everyone was advertising their luxurious cars and toys.

And I'll admit I fell for that.

I went to a Cadillac dealership and bought myself an Escalade.

I also rented a very expensive office in the heart of downtown Chicago so I can advertise it.

I figured all of that would help when I would market myself and post things on social media.

It was just dumb and even as a 23-year old, I should've known better.

I should've been better prepared.

I grew one company already without a social media follower or a $100,000 car.

I should've known that there are other ways to sell customers.

Maybe a part of me wanted to see what it feels like to post these things online and the reactions people give you.

I quickly figured out that posting flashy things isn't who I am and I hated doing things like that.

I blew around $200,000 on stupid things that year and if I invested all that money in Microsoft I would've had nearly $1,000,000 extra in the bank account 4 years later.

But, I take it as a lesson and I keep learning.

I always believe that each lesson makes you smarter in the long run.

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