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At This Point, I'm 23, And Here Is What I Learned So Far

It's been about 4 years since I started (at 19) and I'm about 23 years old right here (at the start of my marketing company). I've made great progress but I've still made a lot of mistakes. To this day I make mistakes and I will always make mistakes (the important thing is that you always learn from them and improve your life from these lessons) At 23 and 4 years in business with a good amount of success these are some of the bigger lessons I've learned:

  • If you're looking to start a business you need to start right away because you're never fully ready to start.

  • There's a lesson to be learned from every $1 spent and every mistake made (if you don't see one, you're not looking hard enough)

  • The more you know the more confident you will be when you're making decisions.

  • Learn to trust your gut and don't overthink.

  • It doesn't take much money to get something going.

  • When you have momentum take advantage of it and keep pushing.

  • When you have something working leverage it till you cant push another cent out of it.

  • Automate your business and focus on growth and not savings.

  • If you're living at home and have parents supporting you take advantage of it and start something.

Write these down and read them once a week especially if you're new to business. These lessons will help you a ton!

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