• Filip Boksa

Am I Friends With My First Partner

I was friends with my first partner shortly after we split.

I'd try to keep in touch and invite him to gatherings but after a while, our friendship fell apart.


I'm not entirely sure but he got a girlfriend and started his own life.

I stopped checking in because he never bothered to check in with me so I saw no point keeping a one-way relationship.

Was he mad that things took off for me without him?

Maybe, but today it doesn't really matter.

Lots of relationships end for no reason.

This could be one of them and it's definitely not the only one.

When I started business I was so occupied with business that I lost a few good friends.

I lost them because I stopped going out.

I was young and all my friends would either go out to bars or they would hang out every day doing things that were pointless to me.

Each time I said no to going out because I was busy or resting since I was too tired to go out, pushed us apart so they stopped checking in with me.

After a while, those relationships fell apart.

That's the true reality of business and life.

Again, I wouldn't change any of it.

I love the way my life turned out, where it's going and the people that are in my life today.

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