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A Look Into Our Review Process

Here I'm going to give you an inside look at how our review process looks like.

This is an example of how we automate our business and this is one of many features we've built to do just that.

Not only do we use these techniques at King of Maids but we use such techniques to improve all of our businesses.

These techniques save you a lot of money which can be spent in places that will help you grow faster.

Let's begin.

After hiring someone we place them on the platform.

Then once someone books, the provider will go perform that job.

Once they perform the job our goal is for the customer to leave a review so that we know how these providers rank.

Based on that feedback our system will feed jobs to those who have the best ranking.

This is great because it gives our customers the best cleaners and makes them happy which of course helps you grow faster.

This is all done automatically.

Now, over the years we needed to figure out ways for customers to leave these reviews and to do so effectively.

What we came up with is that users don't like to do things when they are busy.

Often someone will email them or call them and ask for feedback but most folks will just ignore that and carry on with their day.

For us, we've built a portal where customers can log in to manage their bookings.

This works well because customers come back to their accounts frequently, either to tip cause they enjoyed the provider, make more bookings reschedule future ones, or refer friends to earn credits.

The moment they login, they are asked to review their previous booking.

This increased our reviews, allowed us to filter our providers faster, and this all happened automatically.

Not only that but we always keep adding onto this.

For example, we introduced a way to leverage those reviews and we showcased them when customers book.

This increases conversions when new customers are trying to book with us for the first time.

Things like these make a huge difference especially that once built, they take 0 time.

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