• Filip Boksa

6 Tips: How To Sell More Stuff And Succeed

My first sale happened when I was around 15 (I used to shovel snow for extra money when I was younger). Today I'm in my twenties and sold millions worth of products and services. The best part about all that is I did it without any outside funding. The day I started, my partner and I invested a total of $6,000 and turned that into millions in sales across multiple companies. The way you approach marketing, and the way you set up your company is what leads to massive success. Here is how to do it properly:


Focus on creating a brand instead of focusing on short term gains. If a customer is going to bash your company online, try and stop them. If that means giving a partial or full refund, do so. A few instances, such as those will hurt your sales. Your brand is significant, and like Warren Buffet says: "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

Whenever I start a new service, I don't focus on sales for several months. I focus on establishing my brand as an authority by following all the points mentioned below (I call this the prep work). By the time we start to advertise, there are a lot of things about us that can be found online, which leads to higher sales and better results the moment we begin to advertise.


PR is part of your branding strategy. Right at the start, you should focus on getting as much PR as you possibly can. You don't need to hire a PR company, and you don't need to get an article on Forbes or Huffington Post. A lot of smaller sites will also make a huge difference. 

If you need help getting a piece published about you or your company I can help. I'm a part investor in 1PRCNT.com, and the company publishes interviews frequently. Email hello@1prcnt.com and ask for an interview. If you have a cool story, they will post it within 30 days. Later you can use the published article as a reference when pitching other sites to publish your story.


Getting a full-page testimonial from a real customer is different from a review, and it works better. Here is an example of how that looks like: 


This is a full-page testimonial one of our customers agreed to do after using our services. You don't need many of these, but you should focus on getting as many of them as you can.


The first 12-24 months is always all about reviews when starting a business. We sell everything at break-even to get more customers just so that we can turn as many of them into leaving a review on a site that matters to us.

If I were to start a service business, we would push people to leave a review on Yelp or Facebook. As a marketing business, we would push for Facebook. Those are just some examples, and they aren't the only review platforms that matter. I like Facebook because if we ever ran ads in the future through Facebook, the reviews would help convert more customers. It's up to you where you want to collect reviews; however, make sure it also serves a purpose in the future.


Using the right software will help boost sales as well as shorten the sales cycle. Let me show you how that happens using live chat for example.

JivoChat - This is a software that helps with customer service. We use this company on King of Maids to answer questions instantly. The reason why we offer this product is that it helps with instant customer service, and in the cleaning industry, people often shop for last-minute cleanings. It's essential to provide a tool where we can talk to customers live and instantly when they are trying to book. Without this tool, we miss out on a lot of sales because they go to the next service that can accommodate their urgent needs.


The last key ingredient of selling more stuff is to draw users in with great content. You can't force someone to buy, and that should never be again. If you learn to craft engaging and compelling content that draws people in it will lead to lots of sales. By creating your brand and focusing on the other points in this article, it will only increase your sales over time.

The blog draws people in by producing high-quality content and sharing it on Facebook. They don't attempt to sell you with an AD describing their products because although it works in some cases, it doesn't produce the same results. By sharing content, they naturally gain shares and likes, spreading this blog post all over social media. When users land on the blog, they realize that it's a shop and not just a blog which only benefits the company if the content is excellent. If it draws a reader's attention, they will return to the blog and eventually buy. But, if the post is poorly made, the blog will lose credibility forever.

Focus on what matters

Bookmark this guide to selling more stuff because if you execute it properly, you will never have to worry about building a successful business again. If you learn to craft engaging and compelling contant that draws people in it will lead to lots of sales. By creating your brand and focusing on the other points in this article, it will only increase your sales over time.